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How do I maintain a healthy mouth?

Oral Hygiene Instruction

Effective plaque removal is crucial to maintain healthy gums.  An excellent daily cleaning regime will help prevent gum inflammation or active gum disease from developing further.

Here is what we recommend to achieve this:


Electric brush - To be held at a 45 degree angle towards the gum around each tooth individually, for at least two minutes.

Manual brush - To be used with circular motions with the head at a 45 degree angle around the tooth/gum. A small or medium bristled brush to be used.

Interspace brush/head - A tufted brush to clean specific areas, often difficult to reach with a normal size brush.

Interdental care (Cleaning in between the teeth)

Te-pe brushes -

To be used in between the teeth to clean plaque/debris away from the gum and sides of teeth. Can be used several times, rinsing after each use.

Pink 0.4mm

Yellow 0.7mm

Orange 0.45mm

Green 0.8mm

Red 0.5mm

Purple 1.1mm

Blue 0.6mm

Grey 1.3mm

To use a lengthy piece, gently slide floss in between teeth.  Bring the floss towards the gum and up against the side of one tooth. Gently move floss in an up and down motion wiping the side of the tooth.  If floss is in tight then let go of one end and pull the rest through the gap (do not try and yank the floss out of tight spots). To be repeated against each tooth.