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At Poppleton Dental Practice we offer Denplan  Essentials and Denplan Care.

Denplan Essentials is an excellent payment plan if you just want to cover your basic preventive dental needs and are happy to pay for any restorative dental treatment such as fillings, crowns or bridges, if it's needed.  Regular examinations and hygiene visits are important because it could help you to avoid having to undergo costly and complex dental treatment.  This dental plan is easy to set up without a risk assessment and your dentist will decided how often you need to be seen and how much your dental plan will cost. As with Denplan Care the plan includes dental injury and insurance cover (If you would like this included) 

Denplan Care is a comprehensive dental payment plan.  It's a way of spreading the cost of your routine and restorative dental treatment. The plan includes worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover and access to Denplan's 24 hours Worldwide Emergency Helpline for support and dental advice (if you would like this included).  Denplan Care works to support a preventive approach to your oral healthcare.   

To join Denplan Care you need to be dentally fit (no outstanding treatment) and then your dentist can assess your oral health and risks. This then places you in one of five categories and sets your monthly fee (A= low risk E= high risk),  this is paid by direct debit.  

Benefits at a glance

 Treatment Private    Denplan Care Denplan Essentials 
Hygienist treatment
Crowns & bridges *
Root Canal therapy
from £21
from £88
from £545
from £315
from £85
Excluding lab fees
 2 per year
2 (A) /4 (B) per year
1 per year
10% Discount
10% Discount
10% Discount
10% Discount

Discounts are available when more than one member of a family (or group) at a single address are registered with any Denplan dentist at one practice.

The following discounts apply:

Two family/group members - 5%
Three family/group members - 10%
Four or more family/group members - 15%
Please note this is only for adult Denplan members, children on Denplan care will discount against each other but not adults.

Also to qualify for discount, all payments must be collected using a single Direct Debit.

Denplan Care Adults (Age 18+ years) rates
(monthly per category) 2022
 Denplan Essentials
A  B C D E A                 B
£23.10  £31.25 £40.95 £50.25 £56.25 £18.45         £27.10