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When should I bring my children to the dentist?

When should I bring my child for a check up?IMG_7951

This is a common question we are asked at the practice. We always encourage parents to bring their children along with them to their own appointments so that they are exposed to the practice and the staff here. Bring someone along with you so they can watch the ‘kiddies’ while we are doing treatment but we love kids and we try to make it a fun place for them to be.

As far as bringing them in for exams, as soon as they start getting their teeth we can start to keep an eye on things. Eruption usually starts between 6 months and 1 year, so we can start to see children from 1 year. You may think we may not get much done, but we like to make sure we monitor how their teeth are erupting and we like to give you advice on how to best care for your child’s teeth and oral health. What you should expect from the early visits is a fun ride in the dentist’s chair but the most important thing is we count to see how many ‘milk teeth’ and ‘big teeth’ have erupted and we start to monitor all of this on their dental charting every 6 months. It may then be suggested for them to see the Hygienist. We are a prevention driven practice and it all starts with good cleaning at home. We don’t like to have to do treatment on anyone but especially children. We want their experience of seeing us to be positive and fun. We like to make sure that you know how to prevent dental issues commonly seen in children, such as tooth decay.

Our Hygienists, Claire and Katie, are very experienced at what they do. They have been practicing for many years and more importantly they both have children themselves so are well equipped to help advise you how to get them into tooth brushing. With all their training and personal experience of toothbrush time, they can show you all the tips and tricks to make it more fun and easier to manage. Let’s face it, it is a dreaded time in most households but it is a necessity so let us help you.

To make an appointment for your little one you can call the practice or book an appointment online. Appointments are free for children up to the age of 5 if you are a Denplan patient with us.