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Training Day at Poppleton Dental Practice

In house Training Day from Denplan 

A great day was had last week when Jackie from Denplan came to our practice to give us training on Practice Potential, Legal and Ethical Issues in Dentistry and Team Building. 


As a dental practice we often go on courses and do extra online E-learning to keep up to date on all different aspects of Dentistry and running a practice but we haven't had an in house tailer-made training day for several years.  The day involved looking  at lots of different areas of our practice, to help improve our performance, our teamworking skills, our services and overall our patient satisfaction. It was kept fun and light hearted and Jackie's enthusiasm was infectious.  

We especially enjoyed (although found it incredibly difficult) the bridge building exercise were we were split into two teams to construct a bridge.  One team had to make the legs when the other team had to make the roadway.  We were not allowed to speak to or see the other team or any diagrams, apart from written messages passed between us by Jackie. We managed to complete the bridge project succesfully and were rather proud of the result as well as our skills on organising, planning and implimenting a solution with limited information. 

It may not be pretty but we are proud enough to show you the result!

denplan training day